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SanDisk's Sansa: Pink is the new pink

SanDisk's upcoming pink m200 MP3 player

Pink Sansa m200

When you think of SanDisk's popular (but older) Sansa m200 series, you think reliability, simplicity, and value (the $50 512MB version is $39 online). You think Audible playback, bulky form, and FM tuner. You think voice recorder, poorly backlit display, and subscription compatibility.

Now, it's time to think pink. No really, think PINK.

SanDisk will soon be releasing a hot pink version of the 1GB m200 with a price of $70. It will be available only at Best Buy stores. The company sent me a PowerPoint with a multitude of rad pink-themed photos; it was so difficult to choose from the 17 provided (LOL). Now, I'm going to step aside and let this pink-i-licious pic do the talking.

(Photo: SanDisk)