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SanDisk unveils $40 Concierge service for SSD upgraders

SanDisk announces its SSD Concierge service to provide consumers with the tools, software and assistance needed to migrate their computer's data from a hard drive to a SanDisk solid-state drive.

The new Extreme II SSD from SanDisk. Dong Ngo/CNET

SanDisk today announced the availability of its SSD Concierge service that provides consumers with the tools and software required to upgrade their laptop successfully.

SanDisk says the service includes the hardware and software necessary to migrate data as well as install a new SSD. Once the data has been successfully transferred, consumers will have the ability to schedule a video conference via mobile device with a SanDisk technician, who will walk them through the final steps of removing the existing storage device and installing their new SSD.

Obviously, this service applies only to those owning a laptop that uses a regular hard drive as its main storage medium. In this case, replacing that hard drive with a solid-state drive (SSD)makes the system run much faster, even moreso than when the computer was new. Other benefits, such as a longer battery life and quieter performance, are added bonuses.

SanDisk says the new service is only available to laptop owners who purchase a new SanDisk SSD, such as the Extreme Pro or the Ultra II (even though the process is basically the same for all SSDs), and is offered for both laptop and desktop machines.

The SSD Concierge Service is available now and costs $39.99 on Amazon and TigerDirect.