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SanDisk speeds up flash for pros

Removable flash memory card maker SanDisk announced Thursday two new lines of CompactFlash and Secure Digital cards that target professional photographers. The Extreme and Ultra II line of cards can write data from a camera to the card at a minimum of 9MB per second and read at least 10MB per second. The Extreme cards can operate in extreme cold--a temperature of 13 degrees below zero--to extreme heat, or 185 degrees, and are coated with a layer of heavy-duty silicone. The Ultra II cards are more of a general-purpose, high-performance card for enthusiasts and professionals looking for faster rate products.

The Extreme CompactFlash cards are available now for $440 in capacities up to 1GB. The 256MB Extreme Secure Digital card will ship in October for $135, and the 512MB card will ship in November for $300. The $105 256MB and the $210 512MB Ultra II CF cards are currently available, while the $430 1GB card will be available in September. The Ultra II CF line will replace the Ultra CF line. The $130 256MB and $290 512MB Ultra II SD cards will be available in October and November respectively.