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SanDisk shows off 72GB 1.8-inch SSD hard drive

SanDisk gave us a hands-on with its new 72GB SSD hard drive, the same sized drive as in the iPod classic and many ultraportable laptops. Could it be in the hotly rumoured new Apple ultraportable?

What's this? Ooh, a 72GB solid-state drive from SanDisk! This offers a whopping 72,000MB of unformatted flash-based storage in a 1.8-inch form factor. This is the same size drive that appears in many ultraportable laptops and even Apple's iPod classic.

This isn't a drive you're going to be able to pick up from your local PC component store though, as it's only going to be available to OEMs. When asked how much these are being sold to hardware manufacturers for, SanDisk refused to comment. It's likely to add a fair few quid on to the price of your new ultraportable, though. But who would use these drives?

Apple is rumoured to be preparing a new, ultraportable MacBook, and word on the street is it'll be based on SSD. Could we be looking at one of the key components of the surely desirable new Apple ultraportable? Or maybe that Apple Tablet PC we scored the scoop on last November is set to be flash-based?

We'll be at the SanDisk conference later today, and after a probing chat with the 'Disk, we're hoping for 16GB microSD cards. And oh how we love microSD. Stay tuned. -Nate Lanxon