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MP3 Players

SanDisk Sansa Clip goes 8GB, eats FLAC

SanDisk's FLAC-loving, gym-going Sansa Clip just got its capacity upped to 8GB, making this already awesome little musical matchbox even more attractive

We're big fans of SanDisk's dinky Sansa Clip, not only for having a smashing audio chip and support for FLAC audio, but also for being a thoroughly usable MP3 player, despite being only a couple of dress sizes larger than the iPod shuffle.

This week SanDisk added a new set of strings to the Clip's bow -- four gigabytes of new strings, to be precise, bringing the tiny player's capacity up to a shuffle-crushing 8GB. Even if you use FLAC, that's still a fat wad of albums for the gym.

As the global depression dictates, the 8GB Clip's very affordable, at about £50. Its screen might not play video or even display colours, but £50 for a secondary MP3 player that pumps great-sounding audio, supports Audible audiobooks and Napster subscriptions, and picks up FM radio, is hard to criticise.

It's on sale now, and don't miss our full review o'er yonder.