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SanDisk goes halvesies on memory cards

Flash manufacturer deeply cuts prices for Cyber Monday


Normally I wouldn't recommend buying directly from a manufacturer's Web site unless that was the only way to buy a product. However, it looks like "Cyber Monday" may be an exception to that rule--at least in the case of SanDisk, which is offering some significant discounts on its flash memory.

For example, an 8GB Ultra II SDHC card that regularly goes for $49.99 is cut to $20.99. The price of a 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo is cut in half, down to $19.99.

If you take more pictures with your phone than your camera, you might want to grab an 8GB microSDHC card for $29.99 (down from $69.99). Other card types and sizes are on sale, too.

SanDisk also has some price drops for its USB flash drives and Sansa Clip, Fuze, and View MP3 players.

The discounts end today, though, at 11:59 p.m. PT and are in limited quantities.

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