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San Franciscans: Work off your turkey high by playing dodgeball

The kid's game will take over a major San Francisco park on Thursday evening. Bring your ball.

Be careful if you decide to take a peaceful after-turkey stroll through San Francisco's Dolores Park Thursday evening.

That's because you may find yourself in the line of fire.

Well, not "fire," exactly, but very possibly in the sights of those taking part in the third-annual Thanksgiving dodgeball gathering there.

On Thursday evening, San Franciscans are invited to play dodgeball in that city's Dolores Park. Bring a ball. National Amateur Dodgeball Association

This is one reason I love San Francisco: People just get together for the most silly and fun things. They do it with the barest amount of organization and everyone comes out and has a great time.

It's like that for zombie marches, for wild pillow fighting, for Pee-Wee Herman Day and many other events.

And sure, other cities, like New York, boast similar energy. So, I guess I just want to celebrate the kind of people and places that make it possible to feel like you can get together with a bunch of folks you don't know and play dodgeball in the park.

So if you do happen to be wandering by and come across the game, consider joining in. You won't regret it.

Either way, it seems like a fantastic way to work off all that food. Game on.