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You'll swear by Samuel L. Jackson's uncensored 'Game of Thrones' summary

In a fun new HBO video, the actor has had it with these bleepin' dragons and these bleepin' White Walkers.

Even those who've watched every "Game of Thrones" episode and read all the books still can get confused by the complex family histories and endless shifting loyalties. Here's your 7-minute solution: watch this new HBO video, narrated by none other than Samuel L. Jackson (warning: features profanity, because Samuel L. Jackson, but it's charming profanity, because Samuel L. Jackson).

Jackson takes viewers all the way back to the fateful day when Ned Stark was asked to be Hand to the King, and in his march through the weirdness of Westeros, Jackson never fails to call 'em like he sees 'em, with a few choice words saved (deservedly) for that blond jerk Joffrey.

Like the rest of us, Jackson is also properly shocked that winter "is almost here, and still, ain't nobody ready!" He neatly sums up Daenerys' struggles with "mo' power, mo' problems," and he has a classic description for fan favorite Tyrion, saying, "Sure, he's a Lannister, and he's a lush, but don't hold that against him."

He doesn't quite spoil all the details of the newly aired season 6 (hey, HBO still wants you to find a way to watch), but in the end, there are some monkey-fighting dragons on a Monday-through-Friday plain, just as we'd hoped.