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Samsung's tiny, ultra fast UFS memory cards are here to speed up your drone filming

The new cards will dramatically speed up the recording of 4K footage, but you will need new cameras.


Say cheerio to your pocketful of microSD cards -- Samsung's new Universal Flash Storage (UFS) cards are here to give them a swift lesson in the ceaseless march of progression.

The new cards are as small as microSD cards, but they're much faster. Samsung promises the cards can achieve read speeds up to 530 megabytes per second, which is five times faster than a normal microSD. Write speeds, Samsung says, are twice as fast on the new cards.

The new cards' natural home will be inside video-capturing devices like drones. Many drones -- such as the new DJI Phantom 4 -- shoot video in 4K resolution, which requires fast cards to keep up with all the data being stored.

The downside is that while the cards are as small as microSD cards, they won't be compatible with existing devices that use microSD. Don't throw away your old cards just yet, then.

The cards will be available in 32, 64, 128 and 256 gigabyte capacities. Samsung is yet to say when the cards will be available, or indeed how much they'll set you back.