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Samsung's tiny trackball mouse

It seems too small as it is, but now adds more functions than ever.

Everything USB

The proliferation of ill-advised combo products has prompted us to adopt a "less is more" philosophy in most cases. And that's even more appropriate for gadgets that seem almost too small to adequately handle even their primary functions--such Samsung's latest mini-mouse.

Its "M30 Duplus Mouse" is "a pocket-size trackballer with a wireless USB connection system, a laser pointer, and remote controller capabilities," according to Everything USB. As we noted more than a year ago, earlier versions already looked too small to be used comfortably, even without such additional features. In the new M30, it's the trackball that appears particularly tricky, though maybe it's just because we've never been fans of that form of navigation.

As far as the multiple features are concerned, we really shouldn't be surprised. It's been clear for some time now that Samsung's R&D labs are completely out of control.