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Samsung's tie fighter: YP-F1

In the quest for ever-smaller MP3 players, the public demand results. Dashing themselves against the tinted glass of Samsung Head Office, the heartless mob drove Samsung to create this

Tie ornaments may be the stuff of Evelyn Waugh novels, conjuring up images of men in tweed suits discussing the Empire in the grounds of a dilapidated country house, but this is a tie ornament unlike any other. Designed to grace the Aquascutum suits of city bankers rather than the staid, waxed Barbours of the huntin', shootin', fishin' set, the YP-F1 is one of the smallest MP3 players out there.

Pretentious iPod nano owners may nudge you dangerously close to the edge of Tube platforms when they see the tell-tale black headphones trailing from your tie clip, but you can retaliate safe in the knowledge that your Samsung supports SRS WOW surround sound, while their iPods are merely stereo.

The YP-F1 includes a built-in FM radio tuner, voice recording and a ten-hour battery life. Older people will mistake this Samsung for a traditional tie clip and you can entertain them for hours with magic tricks related to its ability to play music. The YP-F1 costs £95 and is available from all good tailors. -CS