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Samsung's Shape wireless audio platform gets Spotify Connect

The addition of the most popular subscription music service pushes Samsung closer to being competitive with Sonos.

Samsung Shape M7

Samsung is making a big push into the wireless home audio market, but it's hard to compete the extensive app library that Sonos has built up over years.

That gap is narrowing a little bit more today, as Samsung announced that its Shape wireless audio platform now supports Spotify Connect. Not only does that add another support service to the Shape, but it also means Shape users will be able to use the native Spotify app, rather than the Shape app, to queue up and play songs.

The update will apply to all Samsung Shape speakers, such as the Shape M7 and Shape M5 , as well as Shape-compatible sound bars, Blu-ray players, and other audio components. The intent to add Spotify was initially announced back in March, and it's a big addition for the platform, given its initial, more meager streaming audio lineup, which included Pandora, Amazon Cloud Player, Rhapsody, and TuneIn Radio.