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Samsung's SGH-T639: 3G or not 3G?

Samsung reveals its SGH-T639 but the rumored 3G support may not be included.

Samsung SGH-T639
He's a sneaky one Samsung

Earlier this week when we spotted the SGH-T639 under the T-Mobile section of Samsung's Web site, we were a bit confused. The SGH-T639, which looks a lot like the Samsung Hue, is rumored to be T-Mobile's first 3G phone, but we weren't expecting to see it until after T-Mobile had announced a 3G network. And since T-Mobile has yet to do that, we were left a little perplexed.

The SGH-T639 has yet to show up on T-Mobile's site, but PhoneSccop is reporting that the handset has been sighted in a few of the carrier's New York City stores. So is the 3G rumor just hearsay? PhoneScoop says no, but according to Samsung's SGH-T639 specs, 3G support is not one of the T639's features. But maybe Samsung is just being crafty. We'll have to wait and see.

Oh, and on another note, the SGH-T639 is hardly the first Samsung phone to make news this week. Note to Samsung: enough already! We're drowning here!

Update: According to T-Mobile, the SGH-T639 is "a GSM and 3G-capable handset that will receive the quality coverage of our GSM network and is positioned to be among the first devices to take advantage of our UMTS network in the future."