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Samsung's Q1 UMPC not a processing powerhouse

Samsung chose Intel's Ultra-Low Voltage Celeron M processor for its new Q1 minitablet PC unveiled Monday, in what has to be one of the least powerful chips in Intel's current lineup.

The Celeron M 353 runs at 900MHz, and comes with 512K bytes of Level 2 cache. Even though we're all aware that there's more to performance than clock speed, it still counts for something, and the 353 is slower than any current chip on Intel's pricing page, not counting the XScale handheld chips. In fact, the 353 doesn't even appear on that list of current products, which isn't unusual but signals that Intel has moved forward with more powerful products.

Samsung missed out on getting the new processor into the Q1, which would be far more powerful than the Celeron M. In the showdown of the ultra-low voltage chips, the Celeron M has a slight advantage in power consumption, 5 watts at maximum power consumption to the Core Solo's 5.5 watts, and a pronounced advantage in price. The specific price of the Celeron M 353 wasn't available, since it's slipped off the chart, but it's equal to or less than the $144 Intel charges for the Celeron M 373 in quantities of 1,000 units, and far less than the $262 required for the Core Solo UV1400.

Most users probably aren't going to be editing videos or doing other processor-intensive tasks on their Q1 minitablets, said David Nichols, director of display marketing for Samsung's information technology division. But the Celeron M will still have enough juice to run Windows Vista when that arrives next year, he said.