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Samsung's P2770FH is that weird third choice (review)

The Samsung SyncMaster P2770FH has a few things going for it; just not enough compared with the competition.

The Samsung SyncMaster P2770FH may just transform you into a living engine of destruction. Josh P. Miller

Let's say you're in the market for an affordable new car. Within the range of prices you're looking at, there's the most expensive model, which also offers the most bells and whistles. There's the cheaper option that skimps on a few features. Then, maybe there's this weird third option that hits in the middle of previous two in price, but offers the least in features.

The Samsung SyncMaster P2770FH is that weird third option. For monitors, not cars.

One of the factors making it such is its proclivity toward pumping copious amounts of green color into my ever-sensitive retina. The Samsung SyncMaster P2770FH has a green push like few others. We succeeded in diminishing it, but like a bad idea it never really went away.

I'll let the full review take over from here, while I go check for signs of gamma radiation.

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