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Samsung's own website just leaked the Galaxy Note 9, and it's got a headphone jack

Note 9 is officially unofficially official.


Update, Aug. 9: The Galaxy Note 9 is now official, and we've gone hands-on. Original story follows.

You probably already know what the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 looks like. It's been almost impossible to miss the flurry of leaked images around the web -- even though the phone hasn't been officially announced yet.

But if by some chance you weren't convinced, we now have evidence that's hard to ignore: Samsung's very own website has leaked a picture of the phone! 

The image above (spotted by noted phone leaker Evan Blass and confirmed by CNET) not only all but confirms the Galaxy Note 9 name -- not that it would be anything else -- but gives us a clear look at its 3.5mm headphone jack, rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, switched-up dual camera and upgraded S-Pen stylus

Plus, a new slogan: "Say hello to super power." 

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Here are all the rumors we've collected about the Galaxy Note 9 so far. We'll find out the truth on Aug. 9, when CNET will be reporting live from Samsung's event.

Samsung didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.