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Samsung envisions new wireless chargers that stand tall

A patent application reveals three new styles of wireless charger by Samsung, including designs that allow a phone and a smartwatch to charge simultaneously.

For the Samsung fan who has a Gear to go with his Galaxy, a new wireless charger for both might be around the corner.

A Samsung patent application published last week shows three new wireless charger designs that are distinct from its current, flat wireless chargers for phones. The new taller chargers are designed to charge both a phone, like the Galaxy S7, and a smartwatch, like the Samsung Gear S2, at the same time.

The patent, which was first uncovered by Patently Mobile, says the charger will be able to power up a camera, wearable device, necklace, electronic glasses, head-mounted-device, smartwatch, electronic tattoos, smartphones and tablets.

Samsung's launch of the new Galaxy Note 7 is slated for next week, providing a good opportunity to announce the new chargers. However, that's no guarantee we'll see the idea come to life anytime soon, or even at all. Many patents are filed by tech firms and never see the light of day.

Samsung replied to CNET's request for comment with the statement: "Samsung does not comment on rumor and speculation."

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