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Samsung's new quantum dot TVs hit the UK, from £1,299

The new range connects to Samsung's SmartThings home automation hub, and once more looks to quantum dot tech to beat LG's OLED.

Samsung's latest batch of TVs have arrived in the UK, marking the South Korean tech giant's latest attempt to plant one of its SUHD models in your living room.

The 2016 SUHD range will play nice with Samsung's SmartThings home automation system, which is handy for Internet of Things enthusiasts who want to be able to control their whole house from one device.

Samsung boasts that one of the new line-up, the curved KS9500, has a "bezel-less" design. Though my New York-based colleague David Katzmaier wrote in January, "There's clearly something around the edge of the picture. We asked Samsung's spokesperson for an explanation and were told: 'Samsung's KS9500 SUHD TV is bezel-less. What you are seeing is the actual frame of the TV -- where the frame meets the screen.'"

While rival LG has been counting on OLED to win the picture quality war, Samsung ditched that particular tech in favour of quantum dots. These tiny nanocrystals glow with a very precise colour when light is shone on them, arguably offering a brighter, more colourful picture than regular LCD TVs.

When we reviewed Samsung's UNJS9500, which was part of its last SUHD series, we concluded, "Despite being an excellent example of LCD TV state of the art, Samsung's high-end JS9500 loses the picture quality battle against OLED TVs." It remains to be seen whether this new lineup will fare any better.

You can buy Samsung's 2016 TVs online, or from shops including Currys or John Lewis. £1,299 is the starting price, but expect to pay considerably more for the larger, swankier models.

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