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Samsung's new Note 7 screen could curve like the S7 Edge

The latest rumor says Samsung's next Note phone could ditch its straight sides in favor of two curved sides.

The S Pen stylus in Samsung's upcoming Note 7 could have a brand new surface to skate on, if the latest rumor is true.

This year's version of the Note line, which is known for the power of its digital pen, could ditch the Note 5's pin-straight sides and adopt vertical curves like the S7 Edge, according to tech site Android Authority and Twitter tipster @OnLeaks.

It's an interesting thought. The smaller Galaxy S7 already echoes the S7 Edge with curves on its backside rather than its display side. For the argument of design unity for 2016 phones, a curve-screen Note 7 does make a certain amount of sense. But I do have to wonder if rounded edges would get in the way of navigating and drawing with a fine-tipped stylus. We'll find out soon enough.

Samsung is expected to introduce its Note 7 (skipping the Note 6) in early August, with an iris scanner and a revised take on Google's Android OS. Read more Note 7 rumors here.