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Samsung's new app has you strapping VR headsets to your kids in bed

Samsung's prototype app Bedtime VR Stories uses its Gear VR headset to show parent and child a virtual world at bedtime.

Samsung/Screenshot by Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Samsung thinks the future of parenting is for both parent and child to wear VR headsets for stories before lights out.

The electronics giant's new app, called Bedtime VR Stories, uses its Gear VR headset to display a virtual story-based world, in which your family interact with a range of characters such as Robot Jo and Jen the Penguin.

Samsung says the idea is to allow parents to spend time with their children in a virtual world when they're not able to physically be there in person. Or perhaps if they simply don't fancy walking up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire.

Whether it's a good idea to have your child stare into a bright screen as they're trying to fall asleep is questionable, however. The app is in a prototype stage right now and Samsung hasn't given a release date, but you can experience the 360-degree video trailer below (you'll need to view it on a mobile device or in a browser with Flash enabled).