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Samsung's LED DLP available for preorder

Samsung's LED DLP available for preorder

We chose the Samsung HL-S5679W as the Best of CES winner in the television category because of its LED-based light engine, the first of its kind in a DLP television. We frankly didn't expect the company to deliver the set this close to its CES announce-date of April, but lo and behold, the 56-inch HDTV is available for preorder on a few sites across the Web and will supposedly be in stock May 22. A month late is pretty good for Samsung.

The three LEDs, which take the place of the bulb-and-color-wheel arrangement used in traditional DLP televisions, promise to address many of the technology's current downsides. Samsung says the LEDs will help reduce or eliminate rainbows, will last significantly longer than bulbs, and should deliver better color reproduction. For more information, check out our full write-up. We hope to have one in for review soon.

Source: HDBeat

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