Samsung's home theater line gets pricing, available now

Samsung's home theater line has been mostly known since CES 2012, but the devices are finally available with pricing.

Samsung BD-ES6000
Samsung's BD-ES6000 is pricey with a $230 estimated selling price, even with its compact design. Sarah Tew/CNET

Samsung showed most of its home theater line at CES 2012, but the company finally got official with pricing at a media event in New York this morning.

While the products weren't new, they're now officially available, with pricing (estimated selling price) breaking down as follows:

Blu-ray players
Samsung BD-E5300: $100
Samsung BD-E5700: $150
Samsung BD-E5900: $180
Samsung BD-E6000: $230
Samsung BD-E6500: $230

Blu-ray home theater systems
Samsung HT-E4500: $350
Samsung HT-E5400: $450
Samsung HT-E5500W: $550

Sound bars
Samsung HW-E350: $230
Samsung HW-E450: $350
Samsung HW-E550: $450
Samsung HW-E551: $450

That pricing may not seem surprising if you're still accustomed to Blu-ray pricing from 2011, but the high-end models will be a hard sell as Blu-ray pricing has dropped quite a bit in 2012. For example, LG's flagship BP620 is available on Amazon $140, while Samsung's BD-E6500 is going for $200. Yes, the BD-E6500 has some extra features, like dual HDMI inputs, but neither of Samsung's premium priced players seems like a particularly good deal. (The BD-E5900 is available for a more reasonable street price of $150.)

The most intriguing feature of Samsung's new home theater lineup is the disc-to-digital feature. I'm hoping to get Samsung's new Blu-ray players in for review soon, so I'll be able to see how well they actually work.

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