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Washing Machines

Samsung's hatch-equipped washers hit US retail

The Samsung AddWash washing machines, outfitted with secret doors for adding forgotten clothes mid-cycle, are now available for purchase in the United States.

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Samsung first announced its AddWash line of washing machines back in September of 2015. Complete with hidden hatches so you can add overlooked items mid-cleaning cycle, AddWash washers want to prevent you from having to stop your laundry completely just to add that favorite blouse or pair of jeans. And they're finally available for purchase in the United States today.

The new units include the 5-cubic-foot WF50K7500 available in black stainless steel for $1,499 and white for $1,399. Samsung also offers four 4.5-cubic-foot capacity models (WF45K6500), ranging from $999 to $1,299.

The tech and home appliance giant also made its second-gen sink-outfitted Activewash washers available today. We reviewed the original unit, but version 2.0 boasts a different design, with a more integrated control panel. The options include the 5-cubic-foot WA50K8600 available in black stainless steel for $1,099 and white for $999, as well as a 4.5-cubic-foot option (WA45K7600) in white for $849. All of the units also feature matching dryers.

We're in pursuit of test units now, so check back soon for full reviews.