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Samsung's Gear 360 camera goes on sale April 29 in Korea and Singapore

But there's no official word on price yet.


The Samsung Gear 360 is a 360-camera.

Josh Miller/CNET

At Samsung's Developer Conference in San Francisco Wednesday, the Korean company announced that its Gear 360 camera will go on sale April 29 in South Korea and Singapore, with a global rollout to follow sometime thereafter.

The company didn't mention an official price, but online retailer Adorama is listing it for $399.99.

The spherical camera has two lenses to shoot a 360-by-180-degree view that you can watch on a virtual reality headset, like Samsung's Gear VR. It's designed for outdoor shooting, with a dust- and water-resistant body. You can upload videos shot on the Gear 360 directly to Samsung's Milk VR service, where you can watch them on a Gear VR headset.

With VR gaining popularity this year, there's a new need for cameras which shoot 360-degree video that you can watch on a virtual reality headset. LG has also created a 360 camera, and there are plenty more either already available or coming soon.

Update (2:02 p.m. PT): Specified South Korea and Singapore as the two countries in which the Gear 360 will be available on Friday.