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Samsung's Galaxy S10 picks up some of the Note 10's best features

All you need to do is update.


Features like AR Doodle, a built-in video editor and Link to Windows integration are coming in an update. 

Juan Garzon / CNET

Samsung is bringing some of the features and tools of its Galaxy Note 10 phone to its S10 devices. Users can get the new features -- like AR Doodle, a built-in video editor and Link to Windows integration -- with an update. The update was set for release in European markets on Monday, but the release date could vary by country and wireless carrier. 

Once downloaded, S10 users should see improvements to their cameras like an expanded night mode that supports the front-facing camera. Also included is "enhanced Super steady video stabilization," the company said Tuesday in a press release. The update will offer functions like AR Doodle and Live focus video recording. AR Doodle lets users spice up their videos with fun, augmented reality drawings. Live focus video recording includes bokeh effects like blur, big circle, color point and glitch. 

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Any video clip captured on the S10 will be supported in the Gallery app-accessible video editor. Users can trim, stitch, adjust playback speed of clips and more.

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