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Samsung says Galaxy S10 5G can download at smoking 1Gbps in Korea

The company says the next generation of cellular technology is ready to deliver high speeds to users.

Juan Garzon/CNET

Samsung says it's achieved 1Gbps speed on a commercial 5G network in Korea.

The electronics company, along with Korean phone company KT Corporation, said Tuesday that the speed was achieved over the air using KT's 5G commercial network and a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G phone.

"This is a key accomplishment for the two companies -- proving that the 5G commercial network is ready to deliver stable gigabit speeds for end users," the companies said in a statement.

5G, the next generation of cellular technology, promises to boost internet speeds, coverage and responsiveness for wireless networks. It'll enable functions such as accommodating more internet of things devices and streaming HD videos on mobile networks. 

KT said 5G will be available to users in 85 cities in Korea by the end of the month. US carriers are also scrambling to roll out the technology. Verizon launched a limited 5G home broadband service last year, and the company plans to roll out mobile 5G service in 30 cities this year. AT&T's 5G network went live in select cities in December, though customers can only access it using Wi-Fi hotspots. The company also plans to launch mobile 5G in 2019.