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Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 might come with Bixby-friendly earphones

The company is considering including Bixby-enabled earphones with the purchase of a Note 8 and also offering them separately, a report says.

Bixby-compatible earphones might come with your Galaxy Note 8.


Samsung is reportedly working on Bluetooth earphones that work with Samsung's new Bixby voice assistant. The earphones are expected to be available around the same time as the Galaxy Note 8, according to Etnews

Since the Note 8 "phablet" -- translation: part phone, part tablet -- is scheduled to arrive sometime in "late August," we likely won't have to wait long for Samsung to confirm or deny the Bixby earphones claim. 

Samsung is considering packaging the earphones as part of the Note 8 purchase, as well as offering them separately, the report adds. It also references sources who say the earphones will offer "noise-blocking" technology to limit disturbances from ambient noise.

After several delays, Bixby made its way to Samsung's Galaxy S8 devices on Tuesday via a software update. But a report suggests it will be awhile before Bixby joins Amazon's Alexa devices, the Google Home and the recently-announced Apple HomePod (due this December) in a standalone smart speaker. Samsung has said smart appliances like refrigerators will support Bixby, though.

Samsung declined to comment on this story.