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Samsung's fancy phones

The coolest phones at the Samsung booth are behind glass.

Samsung Gallery
Samsung Gallery--home of the fancy phones CNET Networks

At a trade show like CTIA, you can always count on the Samsung booth to feature a special room with a selection of pretty, powerful phones that you'll never see in the United States. Typically the "Samsung Gallery" features slick floors, black walls, and rows of glass cases holding the special handsets. Photos are strictly prohibited (except if you're press) and a gaggle of black-clad women will rush to stick their hands in front of your camera if you're not authorized to capture the phones on film. This year, we again spy 10-megapixel camera phones, ultra-thin handsets, and other such cool devices.

Samsung SCH-B540
Samsung SCH-B540 CNET Networks

Yet the fancy phones also exist outside the gallery in the tactile realm. A perennial Samsung favorite in the "look what you can't have" category is the Samsung SCH-B540. Designed for video, the B540 features a swiveling display that shifts to a landscape orientation for more comfortable viewing. The 16 million-color display can't hurt either.