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Samsung's extreme video goes wireless

Samsung's extreme video goes wireless

Last year'sSC-X105L flash-based camcorder gets a minor makeover this year. The new models, the SC-X210L and the SC-X205L, now have a basic black shell and longer-lived batteries; the X210L ships with a 1GB SD card, while the X205L includes 512MB. Both models include an external lens for mounting on your head, your dashboard, or other novel locations.

But in a nice change from the usual more-of-the-same, the SC-X210L has a sister version, the SC-X210WL, which uses a wireless connection between the lens and the body--the RF signal will work up to about 15 feet.

When they ship in February, the X210L will retail for $600, the X205L for $500, and the X210WL for $700.