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Samsung's crazy two-in-one washer and dryer can now be yours

The Samsung FlexWash and FlexDry laundry pair is now on sale in the US.

Samsung's FlexWash and FlexDry laundry pair go on sale.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Samsung's quirky two-in-one washer and dryer system, the FlexWash and FlexDry, is now available at major US retailers in black, stainless steel and white, starting at $1,599 each.

Samsung unveiled its FlexWash and FlexDry units back in January. Similar to LG's Twin Wash system, the FlexWash is actually two washers. But instead of housing the smaller, secondary washer in an optional pedestal accessory below, the main FlexWash appliance includes both a 5-cubic-foot capacity front-load main washer and a 1-cubic-foot washer above in a top-load compartment.

Like the FlexWash, the FlexDry has a main front-load compartment and a smaller top-load dryer compartment. LG's Twin-Wash-compatible dryers don't offer that functionality, making FlexDry particularly intriguing. We're getting our hands on a FlexWash and FlexDry washer and dryer shortly, so stay tuned for more details on how well they clean -- and dry.

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