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Samsung's cheaper inch-thin TV: Still expensive

We review our second sample of Samsung's LED-based LCD TVs, the B6000 series, and it's much like the 7000 models minus Yahoo widgets.

Samsung's sleek UNB6000 cuts a dashing figure, but it costs. Sarah Tew

We've already checked out one Samsung LED-based LCD TV this year, the UNB7000 series, but that's not gonna stop us from reviewing the less expensive version, logically called the UNB6000 series. The verdict? Still expensive, stylish and solid performing, minus a few issues like a fluctuating backlight and less than stellar uniformity.

In fact, aside from Yahoo Widgets, available on the 7000 but not on the 6000, the two edge-lit LED-based LCD displays (whew!) are basically the same. The 7000 uses a skosh more power and gets the tiniest bit blacker, while the 6000 gives ever-so-slightly better shadow detail and slightly a less-blue tinge in dark areas. But we're really splitting hairs: If you must have the thinnest TV on the block and want widgets, get the 7000. If you're still willing to pay more for thin but don't want widgets, go for the 6000. Simple.

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