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Samsung's answer to the iPhone

Samsung Ultra Smart F700

Akihabara News was one of the first to notice this morning that Samsung has announced a rival to the still-yet-to-be-released iPhone from Apple.

Samsung said in a statement that it will reveal the Ultra Smart F700 at the 3GSM World Congress next week, but did offer a few specs and photos to tide us over until then.

Similar in look and function to Cingular 8525 smart phone, the Samsung Ultra Smart F700 also has a slide out QWERTY keyboard and touch screen. The screen is about 2.78 inches and responds to drag and drop. The smart phone also has a 5-megapixel digital camera, Bluetooth capability and SD card slot.

Most important to someone like myself, it has WAP 2.0 for connecting directly to the Internet from your phone without the need for a Wi-Fi connection. It also has High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) that runs at 7.2 Mbps, which Samsung says will enable you to download an MP3, which the device also plays, in 4.4 seconds.


One more thing I personally like about the F700 is the pinstripes on the front. I think it adds a little more flair compared with the Cingular 8525's rather boring gray body. Of course, I am a Yankee fan living in Boston, so anytime I see pinstripes it's a thrill.

No word on when this baby is coming to the U.S. or how much it will cost to own and use it, given the need for full data plans with this type of smart phone.