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Samsung's AllShare Play pushes pictures from phone to cloud and TV

Samsung showed off its revamped AllShare Play app, which allows users to store pictures and video on cloud-based servers or send them to Samsung HDTVs remotely.

Brian Bennett/CNET

Here at Samsung's product showcase in New York, multimedia connectivity played a big role. The company talked up its rebranded AllShare Play technology, not to be confused with Google Play, which was previously called AllShare.

Essentially AllShare Play allows owners of Samsung tablets and smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Galaxy Nexus devices for instance, to push media files such as pictures to servers in the cloud. Samsung says it will save up to 5GB of data for users of the free AllShare Play service.

Samsung also partnered with remote file storage software maker SugarSync. As a result, AllShare Play can also upload files directly from Samsung mobile devices to SugarSync's servers if you have access to a SugarSync account. To be clear, current Samsung 2012 HDTVs already have the SugarSync app installed and users can get much of the same functionality just by downloading the SugarSync app from the Android Market.

This is the first time, however, Samsung has demoed this version of the AllShare Play app, which is still in development but expected to become available "soon." Another compelling capability is SmartView, which lets you mirror what's being displayed, and heard, on compatible Samsung TVs to enjoy on tablets and smartphones around the house. All devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for this to happen, though, so a Slingbox competitor it is not.

Check out the video below to see AllShare Play and SmartView in action.

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