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Samsung's 50-inch plasma is red all over

CNET editors review the 50-inch Samsung PN50A650 flat-panel plasma HDTV.

Samsung's PN50A650 plasma shows its true colors in our review. CNET

Trust us when we say that Samsung makes waaaaay too many different varieties of flat-panel televisions for one self-respecting reviewer to keep up with. Case in point is the PN50A650, a red-tinted 50-inch plasma released in May that we're just getting to now. Call us slackers, but having already reviewed the PN50A550, which is basically the same but with a black frame in place of the 650's red, we felt that base was already covered. But the 650 surprised us with a somewhat better anti-reflective screen than we saw on the 550. More details are available if you feel like clicking through.

Read our Samsung PN50A650 review.