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Samsung's 3D LED TVs include two pairs active glasses

The Samsung UNES6500 series, the company's least-expensive LED-based TVs with 3D announced at CES, includes two pairs of active 3D glasses.

Samsung's UNES6800 series (pictured) will look very similar to the UNES6500 series discussed in the post; we'll swap in the proper 6500 image if we receive it. Samsung

LAS VEGAS--New for 2012, Samsung says it will include two pairs of active 3D glasses with its 2012 3D-compatible HDTVs, and the least-expensive such LED will be the UNES6500 series.

Available in six screen sizes, the UNES6500's major step-up over the 2012 UNES6100 models will be 3D compatibility. Otherwise both will feature the company's Smart Hub interactive TV suite as well as a thin 0.5-inch-wide bezel around the screen.

All of Samsung's 2012 3D TVs will utilize active 3D technology, as opposed to the passive variety employed by LG and others (more info).

Its features peg the UNES6500 as the successor to the very good 2011 UND6400 models, and the non-3D UNES6100 series as the successor to the UND6000.

A company rep we spoke to mentioned that some of the 2012 "6" series LEDs might also offer edge-lit local dimming in a configuration with fewer "zones," and thus a less-precise effect, than the "micro-dimming plus" feature found on the UNES7100 series and up. He couldn't confirm that this was the case, however, and if so, which "6" series have the feature.

Samsung's Smart Hub connected TV suite is largely the same as in 2011, although the company says it has made customizing the home screen easier and the overall look less cluttered.

Pricing and availability were not announced, although we expect these and other Samsung LEDs to arrive as early as February 2012.

Samsung UNES6500 series features:

  • Active 3D-compatible
  • Includes two pair of 3D glasses
  • Edge-lit LED backlight
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • 0.5-inch-wide bezel
  • Smart Hub connected TV suite

Samsung UNES6500 series models (price and availability TBD):

  • Samsung UN40ES6500: 40-inch
  • Samsung UN46ES6500: 46-inch
  • Samsung UN50ES6500: 50-inch
  • Samsung UN55ES6500: 55-inch
  • Samsung UN60ES6500: 60-inch
  • Samsung UN65ES6500: 65-inch

In addition to the UNES6500 series, there will also be a UNES6580 series destined for "specialty retailers" that will include the optional Skype speakerphone (currently $170) in the box. We have no details on the UNES6800 series (pictured above) yet.