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Samsung ZX20 finally lands at Cingular

Samsung ZX20 finally lands at Cingular

After a long wait, the HSDPA-equipped Samsung SGH-ZX20 is now listing with Cingular. Though we're well aware that it can take months between when a phone is announced and when it's available for purchase, we were expecting the ZX20 to make its formal debut with the carrier somewhat earlier, particularly since Samsung first unveiled it way back in January at CES. The new handset follows just weeks behind the LG CU500, which also supports high-speed (3.5G) HSDPA networks. And though the ZX20 is the update to the Samsung SGH-ZX10, which supports the slower but still 3G UMTS networks, the ZX10 is still available.

Other features include a 1.3-megapixel camera, a digital music player, Bluetooth, quadband world phone support, a Micro SD card slot, USB cable support, and a speakerphone. And of course, it will play streaming video content from Cingular Video. Unfortunately the design, which is similar to that of the SGH-ZX10, isn't the snazziest we've seen. The ZX20 is $149 with a two-year contract.

Samsung SGH-ZX20