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MP3 Players

Samsung YP-E3: Fresh meat from the East

Samsung's YP-E3 may not be out here in Britland yet but that doesn't mean we're not interested. This USB stick-sized MP3 player has a gigabyte of flash memory and a nifty two-colour screen

This morning we're directing your viewing spheres towards some fresh digital meat all the way from the 21st century Orient. No, it's not an oriental rug with sewn-in speakers. That would be stupid. We're introducing you to Samsung's YP-E3. It's a USB stick-styled MP3 player with a dinky colour screen and good old-fashioned FM radio functionality.

So far we've got no confirmation that this is going to make it to our British soil, so excuse us for potentially giving you the same experience as almost sneezing and then losing it. That out of the way, we think the E3's looks pretty tasty -- it's roughly only 50mm in length. We're looking at 1GB of memory, four lines of text (in two colours, no less) and about 11 hours of battery life.

There's support for MP3 and WMA and it'll come in a range of colours. If you're a sucker for good-quality sounds you'll appreciate the inclusion of DNSe audio-enhancement technology. Oh, and it'll display lyrics too. Marvellous if you fancy making everyone else in your train carriage embarrassed.

Frankly we're a touch underwhelmed by specs alone, but Samsung doesn't really have a player that fits into this category, so the E3 has potential for the company. We'll keep you posted as to availability but don't pause your next purchase in hope of this player being out any time soon. It'll sell in China for around 419 yuan (£28). Go on Samsung, bring that over here for that price and kick some, er, buttock. -Nate Lanxon