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MP3 Players

Samsung YA-BS900: 3.0 Bluetooth speaker system

Samsung's new YA-BS900 is a three-channel Bluetooth-enabled speaker system for use with any of Samsung's new MP3 players, or any mobile phones with Bluetooth functionality

You've probably seen Samsung's new line of MP3 players, including the lovely YP-P2 and YP-T10. Now there's a gorgeous new Bluetooth speaker system ready for pairing with the swanky new players, not to mention any mobile phones with Bluetooth enabled.

It's called the YA-BS900 -- a 30W, three-channel speaker system capable of "room-filling sound", though we'll judge that for ourselves when CES gets underway properly tomorrow. The BS900 automatically switches itself on when you walk in range of it, providing you've got Bluetooth switched on within your player, and providing they've previously been paired.

The system features something rather pretentiously called 'Hyper 3-Channel Surround Sound with Euphony Technology'. This claims to be able to let the listener -- that would be you -- hear music as if you're at the centre of the soundstage, regardless of your position in the room. If it works, we'll be very impressed.

No price has been announced, but we're to expect a launch in the first half of 2008. We're hoping to get a hands-on with the BS900 later at CES, so check back later in the week for more in-depth impressions. -Nate Lanxon