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Samsung working on a Zune HD-killer?

Samsung's Korean Web site has unveiled details on an upcoming YEPP-M1 portable media player with similar specs to the Microsoft Zune HD.

Photo of the Samsung M1 MP3 player.
The Samsung M1 authentically emulates my messy, flower-strewn desk. Samsung

A portable media player with a 3.3-inch OLED touch screen and an Nvidia Tegra chipset? Sounds familiar.

Nope, we're not talking about the Zune HD. This is the Samsung M1, a PMP that officially popped up on the company's Korean site this past Friday, and that's existence has been confirmed by the requisite blurry photo.

We've yet to see any pricing on Samsung's latest touch-screen media maestro, or any indication that it will be heading to the U.S. (especially not with that DMB tuner it's sporting). What we do know is that the Tegra-based PMP will include Bluetooth audio capabilities, DivX video playback, an active matrix OLED display, FM radio, photo viewer, text reader, microSD memory expansion, and an integrated voice recorder. The leaked photo also indicates the M1 will include a standalone Flash media player.

Should Microsoft worry? Well, any manufacturer going up against the iPod juggernaut should be a little worried, but I doubt the Zune team is losing much sleep over the M1. The Nvidia Tegra chip boasts some impressive specs (especially around battery life), but it's what you do with the chip that counts. Plus, advantages such as HD radio, Zune Marketplace integration, Xbox video compatibility, and one of the best podcast players you can buy make the Zune HD a tough competitor.

Of course, with pricing still unknown for both products, it's anybody's ballgame.

(Via DAP Review)