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Samsung Windows 8 tablet-laptop hybrid outed in teaser video

Samsung's released a teaser video for a new tablet-laptop hybrid. Check it out here.

Samsung's released a teaser trailer for an upcoming Windows 8 gadget that shows some kind of tablet-hybrid spinning among cogs and arcane mechanisms.

Copernicus wasn't finished

The clip, embedded below, shows brief flashes of the tech in question, along with music that suggests that Copernicus wasn't finished, and that the scientific renaissance that began hundreds of years ago has all been leading up to the completion of Samsung's latest netbook.

The video description says the momentous machine is Samsung's "newest Windows 8-ready innovation". A peek at the extremely glossy bezel at the 25-second mark suggests to me that we're looking at a tablet, likely one that plugs into a keyboard dock, Asus Transformer-style.

Meanwhile at the 21-second mark what looks like a built-in stylus is clearly visible, suggesting that the S Pen we've seen on the Galaxy Note and Note 10.1 could soon be seen prodding at Microsoft's new Windows 8 homescreen.

One more clue that this is a detachable tablet rather than a netbook or laptop comes at 15 seconds, when you'll spy what looks like a headphone port and possibly an SD card reader on the top portion of the device.

Hinged computers make a habit of sticking ports and other connectivity gubbins on their anchored lower half, so seeing those sockets on top is another hint that we're looking at a detachable tablet.

Whether this apex of technological evolution will run Window RT -- the version of Windows that's built for tablets and only lets you install apps via the Microsoft Marketplace -- remains to be seen. I expect we'll find out next week at the IFA tech conference in Berlin however, so stay tuned.

Would you buy a Windows 8 tablet? Can you spy any other clues in the teaser clip? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.