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Samsung Vibrant finally gets GPS fix

Early owners of the Vibrant, released more than three months ago, have been putting up with less than stellar GPS features. Now a fix is in.

Samsung Vibrant CNET

Reports started trickling in early this week that T-Mobile was issuing an over-the-air software update to the Samsung Vibrant. Although it's not a major release like Froyo, it will likely be met with great enthusiasm. What's so great about the update? To put it simply, it fixes the GPS.

Readers may recall that early Vibrant owners complained of various issues with the GPS on their phones. Whereas some folks were seeing their device take an abnormally long time to lock on with a signal, others would find their handset reporting a completely wrong location.

Those of you with an Android phone know just how dependent many of today's applications are on an accurate signal. Indeed, driving apps, maps, check-in services, and games are just a few things that rely on the phone providing the proper location to work.

Looking through my list of installed applications, I could imagine the frustration some Vibrant owners must have faced. Did you have an issue with your phone? Did you hack it to get it to work or are you still waiting on the update?