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Samsung V770

Samsung V770

And now for a peek at cell phones you can't have--that is, unless you live in Korea. Samsung showed a number of very fancy cell phones at CES that won't make it to the United States for years if they do at all. You could tell they were fancy, because they were behind glass in a thickly carpeted room guarded by a woman clad in all white.

The CDMA Samsung V770 is the world's first 7-megapixel camera phone. Yes, you read that right: It has 7 megapixels. And yes, I said "cool" when I first saw it, but I have to admit, I think it's also a bit ridiculous, as I don't even own a regular camera with such a high resolution. Indeed, the camera's feature list resembles something found in a professional photographer's studio. Inside, you'll find a 3X optical zoom and a 5X digital zoom; autofocus; a high-powered flash; adjustments for shutter speed, focal length, and exposure; a business-card reader; and a CCD lens. And as you'd expect, it resembles a camera more than it does a phone when viewed from behind. The V770 also supports video and music on demand, and it includes a unique functionality through which you can connect the phone to a television for viewing pictures and video on the big screen. Samsung also showed the CDMA Samsung V8200, a beefy 8-megapixel camera phone, offering many of the same features as the V770. If you're craving either model, get your ticket to Seoul now, as they're available only in Korea.