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Samsung unveils two new budget cameras

Samsung just announced the S760 and S860, two new budget-priced digital cameras.

Samsung S860
Samsung Cameras

Samsung just revealed two new budget digital cameras, the 7-megapixel S760 and the 8-megapixel S860. They don't have much in the way of gimmicks or high-end features, but with respective suggested retail prices of $170 and $180, we wouldn't expect them to.

Besides the different resolutions, the S760 and S860 are essentially identical cameras. Both use the same 38mm-to-105mm-equivalent 3x lens, bolstered slightly by the camera's sensitivity-bumping, shutter-quickening digital image stabilization. They include a handful of useful software features, like a face-detecting autofocus/auto-exposure mode and a variety of on-camera photo-editing options. They don't seem to offer anything unique to really separate them from the growing number of sub-$200 7- and 8-megapixel cameras out there, but they still present an option for budget-conscious users. Samsung plans to ship both the S870 and S760 in January.