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Samsung: Unlike iPhone, our Galaxy Note 4 won't bend

Capitalizing on Bendgate, Samsung releases a video that tells customers to shove their Note 4 in their back pockets without fear.

Samsung wants to prove its Note 4 is strong by placing a substantial bottom upon it. Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

You've probably been doing extra squat thrusts in the gym, just to put your phone to the test.

Does a more muscular bottom mean that your phone will bend more quickly under pressure when it's in your back pocket?

Samsung would like you to know that, however maximus is your gluteus, its new Note 4 will never become unglued.

In a new video, released to capitalize on -- no, celebrate -- the so-called Bendgate that allegedly afflicted the iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung sniffs that some smartphones may bend in back pockets. (Now which phone could it mean?)

But the Galaxy Note 4 is, the video says, strong.

What follows is a test that doesn't seem too dissimilar to the one performed last week by Consumer Reports. In that version, the Note came out very well, as it does in this one.

Here, though, Samsung performs a further test. It places a substantial (but fake) bottom on the phone and prays that it will withstand the stress.

The bottom, which is supposed to carry the force of someone weighing 100 kilograms (220 pounds), goes up and down upon it like a jockey nearing the finish. The Note is entirely unmoved.

Why is this? According to Samsung, its metal frame and magnesium bracket work together to create glorious reinforcement.

I am firm in the belief that a phone has no place near a flabby rear (or any other kind.) The bottom is far too important a point of pulchritude to be besmirched by a jutting oblong.

However, if you don't care about looks, Samsung insists that its phone is a must for you.