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Samsung: At the Emmys, we'll out-selfie Ellen's selfie

During the Emmys broadcast, Samsung intends to turn up at people's houses and offer gift bags. Or, more precisely, curved TVs.

Are you ready for visitors? NBC/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Apparently, the Emmys are on tonight.

I'd hardly realized. You, on the other hand, will surely be wondering what Samsung can do to beat its quite stellar, star-spangled selfie of earlier this year.

Well, If you live in New York or LA there's definitely a chance that representatives of Korea's great company might come by and offer you a new curved TV.

Be warned, I fear they may want to take a selfie with you for posterity.

Why do I think this? Because Samsung told Adweek that's exactly what's going to happen.

It's unclear how it's going to choose the lucky residents. It's equally unclear whether, if the nice person in, say, Queens, tells the Samsung folks to slip off back to Columbus Circle, this will be part of Seth Meyers' presentation.

However, Samsung VP of marketing Peggy Ang told Adweek: "We are really trying to make social the centerpiece. And we will have our [TV] advertising telling people about our wonderful screens. We want to celebrate this night in conversations, while creating surprises in people's homes."

Monday night is when everyone needs a surprise at home.

Samsung will making virtual house visits too. It will be examining tweets and Facebook posts and will award instant prizes for the best ones.

I cannot confirm that these will include extra wall sockets for those who have an iPhone.

Still, the idea of someone from Samsung turning up at your door seems oddly retro. It reminds me of Ed McMahon and American Family Publishers.

The twist, though, will surely be the selfie.