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Samsung TVs get native Tablo streaming DVR app

If you own a Tablo DVR and have a recent Samsung TV you'll be able to record and watch over-the-air shows directly from your smart TV.


Nuvyyo, the maker of the Tablo DVR , now has its native Tablo app on Samsung TVs, enabling users to view and record over-the-air shows.

The latest Tablo DVR is able to record up to four shows at once. The Samsung app -- for TVs with the Tizen operating system from 2015 onward -- joins other software like Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV and LG WebOS.

The Tablo DVR first appeared in 2014 and enables users to view recordings and live TV from within the home and anywhere in the world via the integrated apps or a web browser.

Cord cutter DVRs such as the Tablo or the Channel Master Stream+ work best for users who want to watch live TV, as services such as on-demand and streaming TV apps are arguably diminishing the need for recording devices.