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Samsung tries to frame us, wirelessly

New digital picture frame faces tough market


Call us cynical, but we think the world needs another digital picture frame about as much as Caroline McCarthy needs another penguin in her life. But Samsung, which is seems determined to get into every business possible, has come out with a new 7-inch model anyway. (That's the frame, not the 'gwin.)

The SPH-72H can be hooked up to an optional "bolt-on" device that allows the frame to upload photos from Web sites wirelessly and share them with PCs, according to Pocket-lint. It also has a built-in speaker for MP3 tunes, a memory card reader and USB connection, though no information on price or availability is known yet.

The experts at CNET Reviews will be the final judge, of course, but we suspect it'll be a tough ride for Samsung in a field this crowded.