Samsung touts TouchWiz phones, opens UI

The electronics company announces plans to bring connected mobile apps to its upcoming TouchWiz smartphones and cell phones and release an SDK.

In addition to the Samsung Mondi and Instinct s30, Samsung announced its plans to add mobile-connected applications to future TouchWiz cell phones and smartphones at CTIA 2009.

The company said it has been working with Yahoo, Google, and to bring one-touch access to Yahoo OneSearch, Google search, and worldwide weather information right from the home screen of your mobile.

The new apps will come preloaded on select TouchWiz devices and will be available through the widget tray, such as the one found on the Samsung Omnia. However, it doesn't stop there.

Samsung said it will release an SDK (software development kit) next month to professional developers so they can create and submit their own mobile applications to sell through the Samsung Rich Connected Application storefront.

In addition, Samsung will offer a Web-based tool for casual users and hobbyists to create their own widgets, and service providers will have the opportunity to add carrier-specific services to the TouchWiz widget tray. Current widgets include messaging, calendar, games, music player, clock, and alarm clock.