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Samsung Tocco: A phone that wants to be touched

Last night Samsung unveiled the official name for the Samsung F480, the Samsung Tocco -- it's a phone that's begging to be touched (in Italian)

Tocco isn't a taco gone wrong: it's the Italian word for touch and Samsung has seen fit to use it as the name of its latest touchscreen phone. Bene! Previously known as the Samsung F480, we saw this bella down at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year and thoroughly approved.

The Samsung Tocco is smaller than other touchscreen phones and thin too, but it feels very solid because of its metal casing. Its screen is responsive and vibrating feedback ensures you know when you've clicked something.

Samsung has introduced a new user interface that lets you drag and drop widgets on to the main screen. HSDPA (7.2Mbps) means you get high-speed access to the Internet on the go and there's an expandable microSD for adding memory.

The Tocco will be free on a monthly contract, and will be available from the start of June. For more pictures and information click through to the next photo. -Andrew Lim

Update: Read our full Samsung Tocco review

At only 12mm thick, the Samsung Tocco slips easily into a pocket and its metal casing means it's unlikely to snap in half. We really like how it feels and it's satisfyingly heavy, unlike some of Samsung's previous touchscreen phones.

On the back of the Samsung Tocco you'll find a 5-megapixel camera. There's a shutter button on the side, which means you can hold it as you would a digital camera. We're slightly disappointed that there's only an LED photo light instead of a xenon flash.

If you worried about tapping out text messages on a touchscreen, fear not: Samsung has implemented a standard keypad system that works surprisingly well alongside the vibrating feedback. Expect a full review of the Samsung Tocco soon. Ciao, regazze.