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Samsung to offer VR experiences at Lisbon music fest

Electronics giant will present a trio of metaverses that in real life would not be good for the faint of heart.


Ever been at a concert and suddenly thought, "Hey, I really want to bungee jump over a volcano"?

Yeah, Samsung thought so. That is why the Korean electronics giant is taking its virtual reality experience to Lisbon's Rock in Rio festival, one of the largest music festivals in the world. At its Galaxy Adventure Park, Samsung plans to show off its Gear VR tech in immersive on-site experiences that include virtual skydiving and virtual roller-coaster rides, in addition to that volcano thing mentioned earlier.

"At Samsung, we always aim to provide new, diverse and fun ways for people to enjoy and experience our technologies," Young-hee Lee, head of global marketing for Samsung's mobile division, said in a statement. "We're excited to couple music and technology together to join music fans around the world that has the power to inspire and to bring people closer."

Samsung's attraction will be available May 19 to 20 and May 27 to 29.